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Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec Head Replacement

The Traxxas nitro 4-Tec is still a fun RC on-road car even if Traxxas discontinued it. After sitting unused for a couple of years I decided to get one of mine out and have some fun. Unfortunately that fun involved a roll over where a couple of cooling fins on the head got broken. No problem, we sell replacement cooling heads so I took one home and in no time had it changed out. If you are reluctant to work on your own RC vehicle changing a head on the engine might sound intimidating but it is truly one of the easier tasks.

1) Remove the glow plug

2) Remove the five cap screws holding the cylinder head on

3) Give everything a good cleaning

4) Replace the head gasket with a new one, Traxxas gives you three different thickness gaskets so make sure you get the correct one on

5) Bolt the new head back in place, the bolt holes only line up one way. Make sure to tighten the five head screws in a star pattern.

6) Replace the glow plug, now would be a good time to replace it with a new one, and you are done.

Check out the photos to see how easy it is. On my own 4-Tec I added a thicker shim .035mm versus the stock .025mm. Even with the 2.5 engine the 4-Tec is overpowered so I wanted to lower the compression and reduce some of the horsepower. Remember if you still feel it is too much for you we can make the repair for you here at Branson Hobby Center.

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