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Swap Meet Finds

Hobby Rusty had me load up for R/C swap meet in Springfield a couple Saturdays ago and... well you can't leave a swap meet without bringing something home. This time it was some older plastic and wood model kits, as if I really needed anything else to build. This is a Renwal Kit with a release date of 1964. Just so happens to be my birth year as well nothing like building a 56 year old model kit. The AVRO Triplane was the only one in the box, which was a great bargaining point. The kit is typical plastic frames but covered with Aero-Skin that was attached with thin liquid cement (originally included in the kit) and reminds me of silkspan. This gives the model a more scale appearance. For its age it was a decent build not a whole lot of trimming and fitting. It's 1/72 scale and its tiny. I still chuckle at the price on the box!

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