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Recent Completions!!

During the recent Covid orders I took the time to get some Metal Earth kits I had started LONG ago finished. I had been hoping that these would somehow put themselves together, but no such luck. Apollo Control Module and Lander was a fresh kit finishing it gave me the momentum to work on the other two, the European Armor and the Movie Projector. I have plans to give it to a longtime friend who enjoys projection equipment and has restored a piece just about identical to the one I finished. I tried to get my Tie Fighter finished as well but it ummm may end up as spare parts for other projects. That was about all the Metal Earth I could stand in one session so I turned to another love, stick and tissue models. These really bring me back to my youth... lots of fond memories! Guillows latest offerings of laser cut parts are really worth the little higher prices. The parts practically fall out and they fit perfect, a far cry from the old Die-cut parts. Besure to drop by the shop were open for curbside only makes it tough to look things over, but hopefully we will be back to more normal operation soon!!

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