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Is it any wonder HPI went bankrupt with names for vehicles like that? Well I simplified that and just call mine the Nitro Cuda. With winter now a memory it is time for the great sound of nitro cars and trucks. My little Cuda is a fantastic runner but after two years of hard use I decided a complete rebuild might be in order. Out came the tools and down it went to a bare chassis. Overall it took me about a week of working a couple hours each night to complete the rebuild. If you have never completely rebuilt one of your RC cars or trucks then I can say it is way past time you did. It is amazing what little things you can find wrong that need attention. Just get those hex drivers out and dive right in. A good exploded view is a must and the best manufactures post them right on their websites for each vehicle. If you get into a jam you can always bring it in to Branson Hobby Center so Hobby Frank can take a look at it and help you out. On to the rebuild photos... part 1.

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