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HPI Cuda Gas Tank

I only have one problem with my HPI RS4 and that is the muffle flange and gas tank sit too close together. So close that they are acutaly touching. A hot metal muffler vibrating against a plastic fuel tank is never good. I have an idea on how to slightly seperate the two but that is a project for another day. During my rebuild a came up with a quick and easy solution, for now. Out of some other RC project I had saved a small round peice of self adhesive foam. Using that I cut it in half and adhered it to the gas tank. Now the muffler flange presses into the foam and hopefully not through the side of the gas tank. I've already replaced one gas tank and with HPI parts so scarce I'd rather not have to replace it again. Take a look at the photos and see if you think it will hold up for a while.

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