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Finally complete after all the years!

Many years ago Revell re-released the Hemi-Hydro( it's had its second release as well...hehe after all I said MANY) I just had to have one so I bought it. It's typical Revell kit from back in the day not the best but buildable. I went to work on it. Most of it went together well, but muddled over its problems and on the shelf it went countless times over the years till finally, I decided I was tired looking at a 90% complete boat and a trailer that wouldn't fit in the box after it was finished. I worked through my problems with it and decided the direction it needed to go. No it's far from perfect but it is completed (just overlook the flocking in the clear coat) I have learned that stuff can get into everything. Besides the Black flocking I added a Gofer Racing wired distributor to the Hemi and Detail Master photo-etched instrument panel to add some detail to an otherwise bland dash with poorly molded instruments. The wood grain decal and strips are also from Gofer Racing adding some variety to the very sparse decals that came in the kit.

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