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Visiting a Giant

I'm sure you all have forgotten about me by now but, I'm still alive and kicking! I have no excuses but laziness for not posting... I'll try to do better. This trip started by me telling one of my friends at Church about my thinking about driving to Coffeeville KS to meet up with the Restored Big Boy 4014 to have a look at it since it would have been there on a day off. Would have been a long drive to see it pull in at dusk and little opportunity for pictures so I just let that thought kinda disappear. We studied the schedule more and noted it would be in Kansas City for a day I had pretty much given upon taking the opportunity. The next week Bill says I've decided to drive to KC to see the Locomotive and with some arm twisting I decided to ride along. We were thinking well its a Monday hopefully light crowds...HA!! it was incredible the people that had showed up traffic and parking were pretty much a disaster. With that behind us I walked to the side of the Parking Garage to have a look and was totally unimpressed.. it was the I rode how many hours to see this feeling. That changed when you get down to its level.. Yes it is massive to stand by and looks so powerful which it is. Truly a Giant from another Age! All in all it was a great little day trip and its nice to see 4014 out roaming the rails once more!!

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