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Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Being a Radio Control Enthusiast its really tough deciding what to do with the perfect day.... Drive, Fly, or Boat. The Saturday Fun Runs are always a great way to end the day after working in the store for the week. Those who don't attend are missing out on the fun of getting to practice and watch Hobby Frank tear up his favorite cars. Then there is Flying after work on wonderful nights with light breezes before it turns down right Hot. I really need to get some air time lest my fingers get lazy on the sticks I can'

t have that when I maiden my Flex Innovations Cessna 170 giant scale electric. On 6S power things might happen pretty fast! I'll have to post some pictures of it at a later date. Last but not least I could go to the lake on a evening with nice glassy water for some excitement of driving your radio controlled boat till the point you step over that line and you get to go swimming. Yes, albeit not a necessity, but a retrieval vessel is nice to have! The big picture is don't just let your investments sit around and collect dust. We all spend a lot of time and expense on our vehicles take them out and enjoy!!

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