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The Four Seasons

In school we all learned that there are four seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter. I learned this as a child in Las Vegas, NV were there are basically only two seasons summer and winter. I was thrilled to move to Missouri twenty plus years ago because I would finally experience all four seasons. Since I have learned that in southwest Missouri things aren't as simple as that. Here we have teaser weather that comes around to make you think the next season is starting, but really it isn't. The calender says it is still winter and weeks away from spring but the weather outside told a different story. Since it was going to be so nice out Frank and I decided a little RC car running would be fun. Frank brought out his Traxxas Jato while I pulled out my Associated SC8. Nothing beats the sound and smell of nitro RC trucks and before long we had a crowd gathered out behind the shop. Electric RC's are okay but they will never, ever draw a crowd like nitro RC's will. Anyway after a couple of tanks we put things away but I had brought my Losi XXX-SCB along too so I fitted a battery, pulled out the ramp, and let loose. The crowd liked it but the sun had set and the temperature was dropping rapidly. Plastic parts, cooler temperatures, and lots of air equal... broken buggy. Oh well, we have replacement A-arms here in stock so I'll have it fixed before the next round of nice weather. Before long the nice weather will be here to stay. Are your remote control vehicles ready to go yet? If not get started and for all your parts needs and help getting them back in tip top shape please come in to Branson Hobby Center here in Hollister. The Best Stocked Hobby Shop In The Ozarks. BTW, yes the weather turned again and it is sleeting with freezing rain outside.

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