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R/C Inspections

Okay that's maybe not my best title but it refers to something very important. How often do you inspect your R/C vehicles, helicopters, aircraft, and/or boats before you run them? Never? Do you just plug in a battery or maybe fill the fuel tank and have at it? Well I'm guilty too. At last weeks fun run in our back parking lot I had a terrible time keeping my HPI nitro RS4 under control. The rear end was super loose and sliding all over the place. Kinda fun at first but nearly impossible to drive. I brought it in made a change and went back out but still it wanted to spin every time I turned the wheel. Again I brought it in and now with people looking over my shoulder someone spotted what I had not. I should have caught that at my workbench and not out in the field.

That ain't right.  No wonder it drives funny.

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