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2018 Changes

I've heard all my life that people don't like change, and yet the world changes around us daily. In the business world they say, 'change and keep up or remain the same and fall behind'. My own perception seems to be no matter how much we resist change we embrace it as well or the world would not change as fast as it does. Yes this means changes to Branson Hobby Center in 2018. Here's some of what you can expect; new employees as David leaves us for college Frank will take over full time with Nate helping here and there. A thorough reorganization of our store/inventory layout. We feel that it is long overdo and will really be better (or we wouldn't attempt such a major task). An even wider selection of products as I vow to continue to expand our product lines and inventory.

We have many other idea floating around right now some simple and some simply amazing. We want you all to come in and take a look, give us some feed-back even. See you soon. Rusty


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